Padmore City,
A Place for Real Life Learning.

Learning for the real world.

  • Engaging digital natives to develop essential skills and capabilities for life.
  • Product developed using the latest technologies, data and learning science.
  • Digitise existing content using latest technology.
  • Creating new value pools out of existing learning collateral.

See how Padmore City has reimagined learning.

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Partnering with leading education providers.

Padmore City allows education providers to digitise their content to engage their learners and produce more job-ready candidates.

Our innovative learning platform.

The problem we are solving

The education system we have inherited delivers information in the abstract, i.e. removed from its practical application. This leads to poor learning outcomes.

Our solution

Our learning platform has a relentless focus on delivering educational information in context; our enemy is the abstract. To achieve this delivery, we have harnessed 21st century technologies, data and learning science to create a truly unique and effective learning platform.

Life with Padmore

Users become job-ready quickly as they experience how educational information relates to real-life.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to deliver better learning outcomes, helping individuals and industries prosper.

Learner feedback on Padmore City.

  • I think this is an awesome learning platform! Very useful for learning.
  • Really interesting and fun approach to what can be dry content.
  • The videos and scenario are really helpful to demonstrate real-life examples.
  • The fun and interactive style of the game keeps the user engaged while learning.
  • In summary it appears a fantastic learning tool which I would use regularly.
  • The layout and visuals were fantastic and added that game-y feel.
  • Really enjoyed the videos outlining the story of the client, short and snappy and outlined all the important base information.

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